A few changes...

Hi Guys!
I've changed up a few things, and i'll explain why on my other page. For now, suffice to say THIS is turning into my Official Artist's blog. It kinda happened without me ha ha! so, I've adjusted things here.
I am happy to share I am really getting a lot of great feedback from fans on my FB fan page. It's helping me learn what to put in the print shop, and what to focus my energy on, and explore more. It's a win for everyone, because I love to do any and all of it, and have a LOT of collections going already... but if the people who are supporting my creative endeavors want more of this than that, well, i'm going to deliver.
So let's have some fun!
check back here, and visit the fan page, there's ALL kinds of stuff that I can't fit onto he website. That's why I have a blog & fan page- it's where I can share, we can hang out, and enjoy our art adventure!
Thanks for checking in, see you soon!

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