Hand Made Fine Art Prints, 'Block Prints'

Today I thought I'd share Making a 'Block Print'. 
I fell in love with making hand- pressed prints, from blocks that I carve my designs into, several years ago.
 I'll share a little bit about it in this post...

What is this? It's an ancient technique, where I carve my image into a block of wood, linoleum, or rubber, and the ink or paint the block surface, pressing it onto canvas, paper or wood. Each hand carved, hand stamped print then becomes it own original. The variations are endless, and I get so much satisfaction from creating hand made prints this way.
After spending countless hours carving an image into a block, it's deeply personal.
In a time where so many things are mass produced, and exist ONLY in a digital world- seeing & feeling such a work of art is truly special. It has an allure that can not be had from any other technique other than directly painting an image. It's tactile and engaging to the senses. When you see it, you KNOW you are seeing REAL ART... It has a honesty, and rawness that rings true in your soul.
After the image is stamped onto the surface, I many times 'EMBELLISH' them. This means I paint or draw on top of the printed image, enhancing the picture further, or creating a new work from it. I will be listing many hand made prints, paintings, and cards made in this way in My Etsy Shop soon.
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