Hi everyone. You're going to notice a change in my blog, and fan page, and everything from now on. There's something big happening, and I will write about it soon. but I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that's why everything  suddenly looks different, and you may not be able to find some of my artwork I had been sharing previously.
For those of you who Do NOT know- I have been working and sharing my art, publicly since 1999. There's been many evolutions, and changes during this time. Previous to this, I was making art. I have since childhood. However, I had become 'trapped' in a way, over the last decade, and it is time to end that.
Things have recently come full circle for me, in sorts. I am taking the summer off- to focus on my new ideas, and artwork. I will not be working on anything commercial during this time. The print shop is still open, and you can purchase prints and cards if you like- and it will stay that way.
I am hopeful and excited, happy, and at peace with this major decision.
I'll be sharing quite a bit of information soon.
Thanks to everyone who stands with me on this, and always has.

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