End of Summer Big NEWS

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to pop in here and share a little something ( pretty important) so you all know I am still alive, and will be updating my blog more often...
As per the norm for me- life and my career are evolving once again things will be different from now on- in a good way. No more limiting my career or what I show to one genre or medium. WHY? well, besides I want to- I am evolving once again- this time I am crossing the line into technology- 
studying for my multi media design degree at Cameron University. This won't come as a huge surprise to those that know me, as I've always been as scientific, analytical and technologically inclined as I have been artistically.

 I'm pretty excited about this, and feel it gives me MUCH MORE freedom as a creator, than simply being a painter, and being feeling pigeonholed. I can now create a portfolio spanning all the years and projects I have done, and it is seen as a strength, and creative, appreciated professionally as being Versatile- I just love that! So I can 'let it all out' NOW! Going to be a LOT OF FUN! I'll be posting projects, and also anything I find that I think other artists or designers out there might enjoy or find useful as well. Over the next few months, My site and page will grow and I will be arranging my portfolio to reflect my career so far.
Thanks for coming along on my creative journey and to everyone who's always been so supportive, you guys rock! :)

P.S. YES! YOU CAN STILL BUY MY ART all links to my print shop are active and I will be adding NEW art, designs, and items for sale over the next few months.

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