Artful Weekend

Hey everyone!

Until I get some thought provoking relevant articles ready for the blog, I thought it would be fun to share what i'm working on right now. Something really important happened with this piece. I learned what wonderful things can happen when you follow your heart, and be true to yourself. Even when it's scary. You may even learn that you think you stand alone, but on turning around, see everyone cheering you on. So, if what I learned this weekend helps anyone else, I'll consider that ALSO a benefit of recent events.
I had made the decision, not very long ago, to completely focus on personal work. This was scary, but had to be done to grow, and be fulfilled  I plan to create some surface design ( for fabric and wall paper) and will still pursue licensing, IF what i'm working on fits, but I left behind the genre I was working in.
Anyway, that's old news now, All is moving forward, and I felt insecure as I started this painting. I paced around after digging in, and thought oh no, full of doubt, then something amazing happened. I kept working and all this wonderful stuff started happening. I painted this with no plan whatsoever. Just GO! and I love it. I loved everything about it. It'd been years since I allowed myself to create like this, and there's no turning back now!
Also, I've set a goal for my creative work. PAINT at LEAST 4-5 days a week. For those of you who don't know, most professional artists have a LOT of behind the scenes stuff to handle on the promotion and business side of things. there's no magic fairy god mother that does it for us. it's just us. getting it out there and handled. and it can be overwhelming, and sometimes you get so caught up in it all, you barely have time to paint. crazy, I know!
So, that's where that goal came from. I especially need it now that I've chosen to go forward with my new personal work, to get myself solidly rooted in it and comfortable.
A bit of a change to get used to and figure out. So, that's enough talking, here's some art:

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