NEW everything for 2013

Hi everyone!
you might have noticed changes, again!
I recently changed who my printer is, and have a new website. I've also matched the studio blog to the site, which I'm pretty happy with. I'm always trying to find ways to make the experience for my collectors, and those who follow my work better. I think the new website and changes will do this.
This set up is going to be here for several years to come, as it reflects where i'm going in my career.
There is a lot of exciting things happening! I have a lot of new art planned, and am really excited to share it.
Watch here, and on the fan page for announcements, and previews of new work.

So besides all this, what am I doing?
 I am trying to finish several paintings, before I begin the new collection of work.
Also the new printers are getting all my artwork files so prints can be made available on my website.
I'm so busy I'm not sure which way to turn some days!

I also plan to begin making YOU TUBE TUTORIALS and other videos. I started doing you tube several years ago, but because of a crazy schedule, couldn't regularly make or post videos. I am hoping to later this year.

Most content on the new website will be up this weekend, then I can focus on getting new art released.
You may see some shift in my artwork that's coming up. I've evolved artistically, but in some ways, have embraced my artistic roots. In the end, I have to follow my muse, and heart, and that's what's happening.
Thanks for stopping by, and make sure to check everything again in a day or two!

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