You Tube? Tutorials?

Hey Everyone!
Are you ready for the weekend? I am!
Just wanted to share that I have a You Tube Channel. Some of you are already there with me.
Here's my very first video I ever made for  my channel, in 2011! Unfortunately, at the time, I had so much going on, and so many things changed in my life I wasn't able to make the tutorials and other fun stuff to share with everyone. BUT! I haven't given up, and hope to start again this year. Probably in May.
Why May? Because I attend Cameron University, in the multimedia department. ( I decided to return to college last year!) Our semester ends in May, and I have a LOT planned for this year! So, as soon as I have full free time, all kinds of things may begin happening.
So check in from time to time, join me as a subscriber on my channel, and here on the blog, and feel free to write ( I have a contact page on my website) comment on things, share my links, buy stuff in my print shop ha ha! In other words, don't be shy! I LOVE hearing from everyone, and I appreciate it too!
Have a great weekend and Spring Break!

Oh yes... I had PINK Hair. Never mind that. I am prone to doing very expressive things that seem to be a great idea at the time, and you never know when I might do it again.

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