The DAILY DOODLE is moving to the front page!

Hi everyone!
 If you're reading this, then you probably know what 'The Daily Doodle' is.
I had created a separate page here on my blog just for the daily doodle, but, the way blogger is set up, it doesn't allow me to create a NEW, separate post for each day's doodle. I have to 'edit' my page and just keep adding the doodles after the last one, basically, it's ONE POST that just gets added to each day.
well, I don't like that. For a lot of reasons. Mainly, because I don't want to have to 'edit' the page just to add a new doodle each day, Secondly, if people want to share a doodle, ( there are buttons at the end of every post to share a post on various sites like twitter, FB, Google+, ect. ) because they are not in a post of their own, there's no way to share individual days. The whole concept of the Daily Doodle is about ideas, and sharing.
SO, Because of all THAT,
I'm going to be posting the DAILY DOODLE right here on the main page of the blog from now on.
The other pages of my blog are primarily static for now, which is fine.
I don't want to switch to word press, because it's hard enough to get people to look at anything online, let alone start moving things on them! And, apparently the Daily Doodle is really starting to get popular!
So, without further ado, posted below is the explanation of the Daily Doodle Project, what it is, and the first four doodles!
And, from now on, there's no separate page to visit, just come to my blog. they'll be here.
Thank You everyone for your amazing support of my new project, I'm really glad all of you are enjoying it!

Welcome to The Daily Doodle

Art + Ideas

What's the Daily Doodle? It's something FUN and New I am doing. I will create a 'doodle' every day, along with my thoughts, or an idea.
The art isn't meant to be perfect. That's why it's called the daily doodle, 
(not the daily painting).

It's all about the concept of this, the doing of an idea, the sharing of an idea, a way to have fun, a way to connect with each other.
These aren't for sale. It's just sharing. Fun. Ideas. That's it. Everyone is totally welcome to share these with anyone they think will enjoy them. There is a share button right here at the bottom of this section.
 (Important:These are still copyrighted to me, you can not use them for anything else, but you can share the link to my blog, or post the images with proper credit as shown below.)

I'd appreciate a link to my blog, and credit, of course. That's the right thing to do. Use this link: 
with this credit:    Artwork ©Jen Lester 2013
Thank You!

If you read my recent article, you know how important I think ideas and sharing are. So here's my idea, and i'm sharing it.
I hope you enjoy it.

Daily Doodle #1

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Daily Doodle # 2

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Daily Doodle # 3

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Daily Doodle #4


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