Daily Doodle #17 & BIG NEWS!

Hello Everyone!
Here is Daily Doodle #17!
What's the News? 

I am now on Pinterest! and so is the Daily Doodle! http://pinterest.com/ArtistJenLester/boards/ 
you are officially invited to come join me on Pinterest, where I have made boards of my art, and also a special one just to show off my artsy friends, so we can help share our creations with the world!
I LOVE Pinterest, and think I will be using it more than most of the other social media that i've been on for several years. I think it's a much better 'fit' for my work and audience.
so come see me! More than likely I will pin your items, too!
Happy Pinning!
Thank You to everyone who shares my work there on Pinterest, 
you are helping support a living artist.

Daily Doodle #17

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