End of the year wrap up: Copic markers, being productive and kitties!

Hello everyone!
I realized if I didn't come in here and make a post, that the new year would creep right on up without ANY news at all!

First of all, I have a Tumblr now! I have no idea how to use it but plan to be quite active as soon as I do! Here's the link, please come follow me and join in the stumbling fun!
Jen's Tumblr! Click here!

The big news for me is- I discovered copic markers, and have been super productive since deciding to make art again. I'm feeling hopeful and there are plenty of opportunities for the new year and beyond. My plans for the end of the year, and most of the new year is to make art. I know, not as exciting as going to festivals and shows- but that will come soon enough. I'm working on building a career again, and you can't have an art career with no art!
so, copic markers- they ARE worth the money. right now debating whether to get more copic markers, or a digital tablet, or both. i'll post updates about all of this, promise!

As I was working on a new drawing last night, I realized now that i'm older my work is more complex. Sometimes taking a break from things can help make you better when you come back to it. I think this has definitely been the case for me. Even though mine was increasing health problems and life changes- it doesn't matter. A break can give new perspective, and for me it has. I'm just as excited about my work as before- maybe more so- and in a new way. And the work itself is more interesting ( I think).

But I still have plenty to say and share, so even though I may be at home working hard- I plan to make time for tutorials and regular blog posts. As some of you know, I closed my Facebook page for my art about a year ago-I recently made a new one and have to start all over from scratch.

I'd like to begin regular video logs and tutorials on youtube-but i'll write more about that later.

So, right now my working process is, make rough sketches, sometimes more finished drawings- then scan them, then play with them in photoshop. I've been creating more 'hybrid' artworks this way. It certainly has it's advantages. This in and of itself is enough for it's own blog post! I'm planning on getting a cintiq type drawing tablet to use for my art. I found a brand called Huion that a lot of other professional artists seem to be very happy with. And the price is much more reasonable than cintiq!

So thank you everyone who is coming along once again on this creative journey with me.
And Thank you to those of you who are so supportive.
Here's to a fantastic new year filled with magic, art, creativity, discovery, fun, prosperity, good health, good friends, family and laughter!

Jen XX

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