Hello! BIG NEWS!

Hello everyone!
I have some pretty big news to share. this will be brief, for now, because I am so busy this week getting everything together...But I will write more about what's happening as soon as everything is set up AGAIN.

I am returning to creating art professionally, and publicly.
What else can I call that? or say? I am UN-Retiring? haha

For those of you just discovering my blog or work, or that happened to stumble across me on social media- you won't have any idea what this means...

In a nutshell... I was a professional artist for many, many years who slowly then completely left the public and my work behind.
It's no secret I had a lot of life changes happening and also was battling serious illness over the last several years.

so, I ended up stopping my creative career. It happens to a lot of creators. It's sad, but happens.

I am happy to announce I am returning.
what shapes and form this will take and what I might be into or able to offer I won't promise yet.
but it's an exciting new beginning, and i'm really happy to have the support of so many of you, as well as friends and family.
thanks everyone, and happy creating!

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