Happy 2015 what's coming up and retrospective thoughts

BRRRR! It's Winter here for sure!
Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to pop in here and share a few things from the previous year or two that were interesting, and also What's been developing for the New year.

First of all, I feel very fortunate that my art has allowed me to make friends and connect with people from all over the world. One of the reasons I make the kind of art I do, is because it really gets people to open up, and many times they can find significant personal symbolism in my art, so much so that they even decide to wear it permanently as part of their story. Yes, a tattoo.

 I won't get into the whole whether or not tattooing is for everyone- this isn't about that. This is to share what one wonderful woman, Vicki, decided to do after my art became a part of her life. I have had many fans or collectors write and say they are getting tattoos of my work, asking permission to use a design, but most don't share their story or send photos. Vicki did both and I am really grateful she did. Vicki's story is one of the classic hero's journey! A story of searching, returning from dark places victorious and wiser, of guidance, acceptance and of Goddess, and how the lives of her loved ones intertwine. It's a deeply touching and beautiful story from a strong and inspiring lady who has gone on to inspire and help guide others.

Vicki, I am honored to say used one of my Goddesses to be permanently a part of the story and journey she tells and documents on her own body thu tattoos. Vicki has plans to tattoo her other arm with another one of my goddesses in the future, honoring her journey and life.
Really, you just don't get this kind of amazing connection with others doing certain types of art. It inspires me, and I am deeply honored.
So for all of you who have made my art a part of your journey...Thank You. To me this is what it's all about. Art and symbols show who we are, our stories, our history, our culture. We can look back hundreds, even thousands of years to spiritual and symbolic artwork and know a people. Art is story telling. Even if it is on our bodies, our buildings, our walls, we are sharing our humanity and journey, making our own voices a part of the song of who we are and were. That's powerful and moving to me and to many others. Nothing or no one is truly separate. we have a thread running thru all of our stories that connects us somehow.
I am looking forward to continuing to be part of a tradition of story-telling and symbols that mark who we are, and were and will be.
So thank you everyone for coming along on my creative journey, for the last 20 years, and here's looking for the next 20, or 30 or more.

Now, here's what's been developing in these dark cold winter days, and what's coming up...

I've started a new series, it's of spirit or symbolic animals from world culture and myth. With each one I'll share how that animal has been traditionally used as a symbol or in myth, or fairytales and cultures it's connected to.
I'm having an enormous amount of fun with this so far, and have a great many already sketched, written about or planned.
The art will be available as prints, and some originals may also be for sale. (Watch here, and on instagram and the Facebook fan page for sale news.)
They may even become part of a BOOK.

OK, Finally, Some of you know, in my 'other' creative life I am the designer behind
Happy Heart Fiber Art.

What's that? It's my design business for Crochet and knit designs. Patterns. I dream up, write, tech edit, photograph, and make samples for crochet and knit patterns. It's a ton of fun and I am lucky to say I've had a great reaction last year!
I tend to specialize in fun whimsical items- my best seller so far has been a 'Fairytale princess' dress.
And now, to kick off the new year... I'm starting with monsters!

There are a LOT of patterns in the works for the new year, and i'm super excited about it all.
If you'd like to keep up with my toy designs, or patterns, you can follow me on my Happy Heart Fiber Art blog, Visit my designer page on Ravelry or my instagram, Twitter, or fb fan page.

I share my instagram and twitter and tumblr accounts for everything I do- because there's so much cross over anyway, it saves me a lot of time to not have two accounts for everything, it's also a lot more fun, not just for me, but for my fans and collectors! (Yep, here I go again, throwing away the 'rules' on how to do things.)

I did start a Facebook Fan page just for my art at the end of the year. You can find that Here.
It's new, and just getting started so it doesn't have the same number of fans as my old one, but I am hopeful you guys will help with that in the new year!

So where are the monsters?! We want cute monsters!
here they are. They don't have names yet- but will. The little guy started out as a yeti, but decided to be his own person...err, monster. So, I let him. I'm glad I did! He's getting quite the following already! There are several other cuties planned that I will show soon, and they will all have PDF Patterns you can purchase, download and use to make your own monsters! How fun!

so there you go, that's what's going on for 2015... So far!
Happy creating and Happy New Year friends!

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