New Website in the works!

Hi everyone!
 I have a bit more going on than I have time to explain in a post right now, but I did want to let anyone visiting my blog know that i'm working on a huge update & website right now.

If you came here from twitter or instagram or tumblr looking for more information about me, possibly to hire me, here's some basics:

Who am I? I'm a visual artist who transitioned from traditional physical art into digital art.
I draw, paint, sculpt, design.
I have more than 20 years of professional art making experience. I am always learning, creating exploring and making.
I have my own 'personal' art, and IPs. However, as a freelancer my focus is on Concept work, and illustration.
I like to work with smart, forward thinking people. I create art & ideas for people who need it.
What else?
I'm involved in a lot of sort of related things outside of my art, usually that involves tech, tutorials or some sort of making, like:
I also write and design knitting and crochet patterns, and have a small business selling those.
My focus with those is costumes and toys.
I am finishing up a degree in International Languages, and most likely will be going for my Masters soon in Instructional Design, or maybe media design or illustration.
Important to note about this, I started out in Multi Media Design, but wasn't happy with the program where I was at, so I decided to switch majors into something that compliments my personal interests- that being language, culture, anthropology, mythology, et. I see them as all a part of a whole.

I'll write more about my background and journey as an artist later, but I hope for now that's enough for anyone interested.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more or work with me. I am currently a freelancer, and am also available for hire under contract for specific projects.

my e mail is:
Jen Lester Art @ gmail dot com


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