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P.S.S I WILL BE MAKING FUN crochet and knitting design t-shirts soon! so check back or follow me on social for updates on those- they will be available on Amazon just like the shirts I posted below. Also there will be contests and giveaways for everything! but you won't know about those unless you're following me on social media. so hint: follow me HAHA
thanks friends!
happy crocheting!
happy knitting!

Finally, if you are only on Pinterest, I am too, so come follow me there- it's a mix of my design stuff, AND yarn stuff! https://www.pinterest.com/WisdomPathArt/boards/

From my Art newsletter:

Here's where you can keep up with everything NEW and get announcements for the GIVEAWAY CONTESTS!

I have a new instagram for Wisdom Path Art yes it's back!
I also have lots of cool t shirts and other art being sold on amazon now.
I'm on twitter too Here:
And on FaceBook Here:
I will be creating a private group on Facebook soon, so follow me there for updates and news about when that happens!
members will get special deals, freebies, coupon codes, and first access to announcements for giveaways!
it will be a community where we can all have fun and inspire each other.
 so until then, join me on social to hear the latest!

check out these awesome shirts: there will be many more coming!

Dance with the Moon Magical Goddess Art T-Shirt



Sacred Geometry Chakra Flower of Life design shirt


sacred geometry Mandala tribal Dream catcher yoga T-shirt

Celtic Cross fantasy Design Colorful Art T-Shirt


sacred geometry tribal floral mehndi yoga mandala T shirt

Mountain wolf adventure vintage retro logo graphic shirt

Vintage Surf Aloha Hawaii graphic tee

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